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The Gypsy Wagon


Joshua Tree, CA - Lose yourself in all the details as you feel the beauty of the outdoors brought inside through the windows in this tiny house.  With 650 acres of public land behind the wagon, you'll wake up to morning hikes

Altitude Adjustment

2018-03-19 11.12.00 2.jpg

Lake Arrowhead, CA - Enter a space of peace as you enjoy the views of tree's among more tree's! Hiking Trails, Lake Arrowhead Village, Off Roading Trails, shopping and more, all 5-10 minutes from Altitude Adjustment!

Old America


Savannah, GA - Step back in time with a mix of Marie Antoinette and Walt Whitman. Overlook your vine filled courtyard and write a letter to your loved one on the vintage typewriter. In the heart of Historic District, walk walk!

“My stay was in the perfect location with such great hosts. Communicative pre, during and post my stay! Thank you for going above and beyond!”