How Venture Yours came to be:

It all started when two lovebirds embarked on a year long honeymoon traveling the world in 2009.  On their arrival home, the newlyweds bought and lived on a sailboat.  After a year and a half, they bought a house but weren't ready to give up the boat.  The founder of Venture Yours looked into renting the boat as a vacation rental but wasn’t able to find a property manager who had sufficient experience, and so she took on the Property Management role while studying for the CA Real Estate Brokers exam. As it turns out, people enjoyed vacationing in the unique space ;) 

Our founder is a Real Estate Broker & Investor; she continues to use her knowledge while investing and helping others manage their rentals.  With time and experience she learned the in's and and out's of short term Property Management (and understood why a Long Term Property Management in the area wasn’t able to provide the service needed). She began fine tuning the system as she and her husband continued buying properties.  Venture Yours was thus created.  The team grew and we now manage others properties while giving owners two simple vacation rental service options: The Essential Management & The Complete Management.