Belize Travel Guide

You Better Belize It

Belize is such a beautiful and up-coming country for people to come and visit. Its beautiful beaches, awesome snorkeling, and relatively cheap prices make it the perfect travel destination for people looking for a tropical adventure. The Mayan civilization spread throughout Belize all the way dating back to 1500 B.C.. Europeans began to establish colonies in the 1600's and Belize didn't get their full independence till 1981. Every city we went to within Belize, we were welcomed with open arms and the local Belizean people were such a joy to to be around and talk with.


This town was such a unique spot to land in while in Belize; the hotel was very secluded so there weren't very many visitors staying there; The people that worked there were so nice and they made bomb drinks ;). We mostly stayed on the property of the hotel since there wasn't that much do around it, but we managed to find a local citizen that chopped some fresh coconuts and made some coconut-rum drinks for us. Later in the night we were walking around the area and found some locals that were selling beers through their home fence ;)

Ambergris Caye (San Pedro Island) 

  • We took a water taxi from Belize City to San Pedro and wow what an experience haha (some people might prefer flying but this option is pretty cool & affordable if you don't mind being a little uncomfortable;) ) 
  • The island has so many fun things to do. Check out snorkeling tours with nurse sharks as well as scuba diving lessons. 

  • They usually have events and things going so check for events that are happening. 

  • Most touristy part of the trip.

  • There are a lot of pretty hotels just try and make sure your by the main part of island to be next to the action and fun vibes. (our accommodations were pretty far from everything, but a beautiful hotel) 


San Ignacio


  • We stayed at a resort here and it was a cool up and coming town. 

  • Absolutely beautiful snorkeling and they took us to a couple was South

Water Caye island

  • Almond Beach Resort and Spa is where we stayed

  • They provide activities, pools, great food and drinks. 

  • In walking distance to other restaurants & hotels 

  • Definitely only tourists though (except for the people working); all the people working were pretty awesome and one guy actually offered to give us $20 tattoos while we were at his bar :)  such a deal, haha

Belize City

  • We only spent one night here and left the next morning so i don't know a whole lot about it. There is night life here and a bunch of locals so I would definitely recommend staying for a couple days. 

  • Stayed at the Raddison

  • They had a very cool restaurant with DJ called The Stone Grill Restaurant There are probably better places in the city but thats the place with the best food we had the whole time 

Things I wish we did:


  • Bring a lot of bug spray

  • Be prepared for humid weather and sweating

  • The food is probably not what you are used to, but come in with an open mind


Venture Yours - Hannah Van Horn