Essential Management Services by Venture Yours

15% Booking Fee

The Essential Management package covers everything you need to operate a successful vacation rental while still maintaining a presence in the process. We do all of the footwork and understand that some homeowners still want to be a part of the process; if that sounds like you then this is the package for you.

With the Essential Management Service, we handle the marketing and booking, while the owner delights the guest during their stay. Essential Management includes Professional Photos, Crafting of Listing, House Inspection, Consultation, Bookings, Booking Confirmation, Pre-communication with guests, and post stay reviews. Both, the Essential and Complete Management bring today’s technology into the owners home.

Our property management services include a transparent owners dashboard for visibility when you want it. The dashboard allows you to:

  • See reservations on your property

  • Review finance statements

  • Block off dates instantly

  • Update Bank Information

What is unique about our Essential Management option:

  • The stress of bookings, price changes, pre-communication, post reviews and general maintenance of the rental process vanish and you can focus on delighting your guest during their stay.

  • 1-on-1 consultation on How to be a Good Host & How to Streamline turnovers. We provide professional tips to help your property stand out from the crowd, and with our 4.8 star success rating we feel very confident in the results you’ll experience with Venture Yours. We know what makes vacation rentals successful and we want to share that with you for your success as we partner with you.  

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Venture Yours One on One Consultation

1 on 1 Consultation

This is probably one of the most important components of the Essential Management as it creates quality and consistency for your home. Thus, keeping your star ratings exceptional so you continue ranking high on the search pages. On your 1 on 1 Consultation we discuss How to be a Good Host and How to Successfully Streamline Turnovers. We will give you tips on How to make your space welcoming, the Little things that make a big difference, What travelers are looking for in a clean property, etc… We know what the booking channels prioritize as significant when ranking you on the search pages, and we pass that information along. These tips are from a company with 4.8 star ratings across all properties; We know what makes vacation rentals successful and we want to share that with you for your success as we partner with you.

Venture Yours Professional Photography


It’s no surprise that professional photos equal more nights booked. Have you been thinking how much more income you would see, if you had professional photos? Think no more, professional photography is included in the Essential Management Service. Photos create trust and are a reflection of who you as an owner, not just a representation of your property. Professional photos, that is. Dark images may have you looking dishonest. Messy rooms can have you look unpleasant.  Professional photos are a key marketing tool; your photos are the doorway for your guest to walk through and digitally become your guest. This starts your guest on the right foot for a world-class hospitality experience. The first-class experience is then reflected in your reviews, which are further proof to travelers of your amazing vacation rental. Thus increasing your bottom line.

Venture Yours Crafting of Listings and Innovative Pricing

crafting of listing + innovative pricing

Venture Yours will craft your listing by creating a full story for your guests with Photos, Title and Description, Amenities, House Rules, Check in and Cancellation Policies, Pricing and Cleaning Fee, along with other details. As we get closer to launching your listing, we will ask you multiple questions to craft the most accurate listing. Here you can stipulate strict rules such as No Pets, etc.

As for innovative pricing, we change the pricing based on season, holidays, etc.  This assures we are optimizing rates year round, ensuring your home is truly maximizing its potential in terms of occupancy and income. We also conduct in-depth analysis: if a home is not performing up to its potential, we investigate why - and we solve the problem

Venture Yours Digital Marketing and Distribution

digital marketing & distribution

Venture Yours knows the importance of marketing and has therefore implemented a marketing team. Thousands of dollars monthly are allotted for our Marketing where we spend our funds on continues website updates, SEO, Google Adwords, user accounts across multiple booking channels, Yelp, etc. Additionally, we update our Social Media on a daily basis on channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Our team is regularly providing information to our guests and owners alike through our blog on our website. As if that wasn’t already sufficient, we furthermore email past guests for continued marketing of your property.

Venture Yours Technology in your Home

technology in your home

The age of main users on vacation rental sites are between 25-34. For this reason Ventures Yours assures your property embraces today's household technologies. The three technologies we require for all owners to have are Smart TV, Keyless entry, and Bluetooth speaker (never spending more than $175 to be up to date). What does this mean and how do I only spend up to $175 for a smart TV, etc?

In our initial meeting, we will note what technologies you have and which are needed. We will send you our preferred links to the products we deem quality and cost conscious, thus you never spend more than $175. If you don’t already have a smart TV, we will send you a link to a “Fire Stick” The fire stick turns your LED TV into a Smart TV :) A breakdown of your technology and how much each item would cost for you to purchase:

  • Fire Stick - 35 (turns led tv into smart tv)

  • Keyless Entry - $100

  • Bluetooth speaker - 35

Venture Yours Pre and Post Communication and Support

pre & post communication + support

The Essential Management Service will assure pre & post communication with your guests. This means all Booking Confirmations, Questions, Check In instructions, and Reviews after your guest stay will be handled by Venture Yours. If a guests asks “is there a blender at the property,” we handle. If they ask Can we have an early check in or late check out,” we handle. If they ask “Can we alter our dates,” we handle

We have a team on call, 7 days a week, who responds to every inquiry and confirms reservations; ensuring a streamlined booking experience for your guests and more nights booked for you.

Venture Yours Quality Control

quality control

Apart from our in depth analysis, we perform dedicated Quality Control to assure the quality and state of your property. Through our experience we’ve found that properties can perform exceptional the first year but without a property visits, wear and tear of the property begin to show. Missing utensils, bath mats, scuffs on the wall from suitcases, etc… small things that make a big difference. Your property is rated on criteria that vacation rental channels use to rank you; we make sure that criteria is met at high standards so that you can rank higher on the search page

Additionally we teach you how to create an inventory list of items and how to check with every turnover.

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Or maybe you have more questions about the process or help choosing a service package. Please use the form below to contact us and we will be happy to answer and any all questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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