Q&A for Property Owners

Q: Support - Who is the support that guests can get a hold of?

A: The guests will have the phone number of the property manager in our office managing your property


Q: How much more can you make me?

A: That depends on how much your making right now, and on the research my boss will do specifically on your property. I can tell you:

- Our average monthly bookings are 15 nights a month. We recently began managing an owners property and have so far booked 25 days for them this month (AA)

- Our brand has raving reviews and stars, so when we manage your property, your property instantly takes on our reputation, Based on our reviews, usage history with airbnb, and the listing being new, airbnb pushes your listing higher on the list.

- Our online marketing includes what we like to call "experience" pictures (tea on the porch in a robe, reading newspaper in bed, etc) . These professional pictures do a really good job of enticing travelers. In addition to Airbnb we also market on Venture Your's website, on instagram, facebook, twitter, etc.


Q: Can we do a trial period?

A: Yes, instead of a year contract, we can do as little as a 4 month trial. The trial period is 4 months, as this will give accurate numbers based on holidays, high, lows, new listing, etc.


Q: Can you explain the technology a bit more?

A: We want all properties under our brand to be equipped with today's technology. So, you will purchase the products needed to have that available to your guests

Breakdown of the products:

Smart TV (We don't require you buy a new tv, but instead you pay to buy a Fire Stick for your current LED, non smart TV) - $35

Keyless Entry - $100

Bluetooth Speaker - $35