The Venture Yours Difference

Owning a vacation rental and/or an investment property can be exhausting at times.

What if owners had the option of having a property manager at a fraction of the cost and they could make more income? This is our Essential Management Option with a 15% Booking Fee.  This option includes Professional Photos, Crafting of Listing, House Inspection, Consultation, Bookings, Confirmation and pre-communication, post stay reviews.

What if that same company also offered a full time property manager for those that didn’t want to handle it at all? That’s our Complete Management Option with a 30% Booking Fee. This option includes the “Essential Management'“ features, plus communication during a guests stay, inventory check, management of cleaners, scheduling of cleaners and repairs when needed.



We believe that property management companies should retain homeowners by providing excellent service and financial results, not by locking them into long-term agreements. If you aren't happy with our performance, you can choose to stop renting your home at any time - we only ask that existing reservations be honored.



The age of main users on vacation rental sites are between 25-34. For this reason Ventures Yours assures your property embraces today's household technologies - Smart TV, Keyless entry, and Bluetooth speaker (never spending more than $200)



The consultation is at no cost to the owner and we discuss How to be a Good Host and streamline turnovers - tips from a company with 4.8 star ratings across all properties. We know what makes vacation rentals successful and want to share with you for your success as we partner with you. *Essential Option only



We have a team on call, 7 days a week, who responds to every inquiry and confirms reservations; ensuring a streamlined booking experience for your guests.



Apart from our in depth analysis, we perform dedicated Quality Control to assure the quality and state of your property. Your property is rated on criteria that vacation rental channels use to rank you; we make sure that criteria is met at high standards so that you can rank higher on the search page.


Innovative Pricing

We change the pricing based on season, holidays, etc.  This assures we are optimizing rates year round, ensuring your home is truly maximizing its potential in terms of occupancy and income. We also conduct in-depth analysis: if a home is not performing up to its potential, we investigate why - and we solve the problem



Venture Yours advertises the owners listing with professional photos to show the owners home in the best light.  This is the first impression and a great marketing tool

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