Vacation Rental Property Management

Whether you’re a Second Home Owner, Real Estate Investor, Building Owner or Manager, Venture Yours is the Property Management Company for you. We understand that a long term property manager may not have the skill set needed for your short term vacation rental (this is the very reason Venture Yours was started 9 years ago). We offer two property management service options (explained below) to help you maximize your profits with the level of service and assistance that is right for you.

Venture Yours Essential Management

Essential management

15% Booking Fee

The Essential Management package covers everything you need to operate a successful vacation rental while still maintaining a presence in the process.

With the Essential Management Service, we handle the marketing and bookings, while the owner delights the guest during their stay. Essential Management includes Professional Photos, Crafting of Listing, House Inspection, Consultation, Bookings, Booking Confirmation, Pre-communication with guests, and post stay reviews.

What’s unique about this option:

  • The stress of bookings, price changes, pre-communication, post reviews and general maintenance of the rental process vanish and you can focus on delighting your guest during their stay.

  • 1-on-1 consultation on How to be a Good Host & How to Streamline turnovers. We provide professional tips to help your property stand out from the crowd, and with our 4.8 star success rating we feel very confident in the results you’ll experience with Venture Yours. We know what makes vacation rentals successful and we want to share that with you for your success as we partner with you.  

Venture Yours Complete Management

Complete management

30% Booking Fee

The Complete Management Service is hands off. You hand over your property and we maximize profits.

Complete Management includes everything in Essential Management + communication during the guests stay, Property Turnover, Manage Cleaners, Schedule Repairs.

What’s unique about this option:

This is the hands off experience while still having access to the calendar to block days off for you and your family/friends to enjoy your vacation home.

Venture Yours No Contracts

no Long Term contract

We believe that property management companies should retain homeowners by providing excellent service and financial results, not by locking them into long-term agreements. If you aren't happy with our performance, you can choose to stop renting your home at any time - we only ask that existing reservations be honored.

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